Council 2017

The Council for  year 2017 is constituted as follows:


President:                          Dr. Conrad Cassar Torregiani

Vice-President:                Mrs. Geraldine Schembri

Secretary:                           Mrs. Ritianne Camilleri Galea

Vice-Secretary:                 Dr. Robert Taylor East

Treasurer:                          Mrs. Jeanette Calleja Borg

Vice-Treasurer:                Mr. Shawn Agius


Chairman Technical Direct Tax Sub-Committee – Dr. John Ellul Sullivan

Chairman Technical Indirect Tax Sub-Committee – Mr. Chris Borg

Chairperson Education Committee Sub-Committee – Dr. Rachel Galea



Mr. George Farrugia

Dr. John Ellul Sullivan

Dr. Rachel Galea

Mr. Shawn Agius

Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Institute of Taxation

Mr. George Portanier