Confédération Fiscale Européenne


The CFE (Confédération Fiscale Européenne) was founded in 1959 and today embraces 32 national organisations from 24 European States, representing more than 180,000 tax advisers.

Role and Mission

CFE considers its functions to be:

• To safeguard the professional interests of and to assure the quality of tax services provided by tax advisers.
• To exchange information about national tax laws and to contribute to co-ordination respectively of tax law in Europe.
• To maintain relations with the authorities at national and international levels, and most of all to bring to the authorities of the European Union the    experience of practitioners of all areas of taxation and professional law.
• To promote the co-ordination of national laws governing the profession, and in particular to achieve the protection of each national tax adviser’s title in    Europe and to act for the recognition of tax advisers’ right to represent their clients on tax matters before financial and judicial authorities as well as before    other national, international and supranational authorities.
• To inform the public about the services that tax advisers provide.
• To seek to provide the best possible conditions for tax advisers to carry out their profession.
• To facilitate co-operation in all areas which are of common interest to tax advisers in Europe, both inside and outside the borders of the European Union.

European Professional Principles of Tax Advisers

In order to ensure uniform standards for access to the tax profession and its practice, the CFE has adopted in Rome on 5 November 1980 the “European Professional Principles of Tax Advisers”. On 13 September 1991 in Zurich, the General Assembly of the CFE adopted the guidelines set out in the document “The development of the tax profession in Europe”, which came into force on 1 January 1992 and comprise the professional principles of 1980. They were revised with the decision of the Council on 29 April 2005 in Brussels.

The members of all professional organisations of the CFE are subject to these guidelines. The CFE recommends that the governments of the European countries require that all who are involved in the provision of tax advice be bound by these guidelines. This will help to protect taxpayers’ interests, improve relations with the tax authorities and set a higher standard of professional service.

Why is M.I.T. a member?

The Malta Institute of Taxation is a fully fledged member of the CFE and participates actively in its activities. Our main reason for joining this European body of tax advisers include:

• recognition of the Maltese profession on an international level.
• advancement of the local tax environment through knowledge and assistance obtained from our international colleagues.
• participation in the decision making process of the European Council in matters relating to tax.
• making our island and its fiscal environment better known amongst our European colleagues.

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