Running a Payroll - An insight from a legal and practical perspective

Mr. Noel Agius

Noel Agius has worked in various government departments that preside over employment regulations, where 18 years of which have been performed at the Inland Revenue Department.

Noel was actively involved in data processing and the support and development of the Final Settlement System and e-Business functions. He also participated in international tax seminars and workshops.

Noel formed part of the Global Employer Services team within Deloitte and presently is the Group Payroll manager of Fortel Group.

A fellow member of the Malta Institute of Taxation, Noel is active in lecturing on payroll an employment matters and has had over 10 years experience as a Payroll Administrator.

Seminar Summary

Payroll requirements can prove to be a burden to employers if legal obligations and correct practices are overlooked.  Defaults due to misinterpretation of law or misguided practices may not only result in costly fines and additional taxes, but may also affect the employees tax liability and insurability.

This seminar aims to explore legislations that act upon payroll, explain definitions and obligations, especially from a tax perspective.

This seminar is ideal for practitioners, payroll administrators and employers who are interested to delve into the legal aspect concerning payroll, however any practical issues that  may arise will also be addressed.

Seminar outline

  • Definitions
  • The charging provision
  • Categories of tax deductions
  • Main cumulative tax deduction formula
  • The part time rules
  • The fringe benefit categories
  • Exemptions
  • Documents and deadlines
  • Online service
  • Other considerations: social security and maternity fund contributions


Event Details

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  • Speakers:
    Mr. Noel Agius
  • Venue:
    The Xara Lodge
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