Taxation Aspects of Rental Income


Dorianne Bugeja, is an accountant by profession, graduated with a first class degree in both the B.Com course and the B. Accty (Hons) course from the University of Malta.  In 2012, Dorianne was awarded with the prize for best dissertation in area related to taxation for the dissertation entitled 'VAT Grouping and its applicability to Malta'.  Upon graduation, Dorianne joined the tax department at KPMG in which she is currently a Manager involved in the provision of compliance and advisory tax services to a portfolio of both local and international clients.  She also delivers lectures in various professional educational activities relating to taxation matters.

Seminar Summary

Maltese laws contain a number of provisions that deal with the taxation of rental income.  This seminar will  be looking into the taxation aspects to be taken in consideration when an individual or a company rents immovable property in Malta.  After analyzing the respective legislation, the seminar will provide a practical guide on the application of the relevant provisions.



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    Dorianne Bugeja (KPMG)
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    The Xara Lodge
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