The MIT Tax Meets Tech Talks

As technological advancements revolutionise industry, as technology and technological products increasingly feature in various sectors of business, it is essential for tax professionals to understand their clients’ businesses, in order to assess how tax legislation impacts them. In addition, technological tools for streamlining of processes, data analysis to predict trends and automation of tasks are being applied by professionals and the tax administration, and an understanding of the role and functionality is key for tax professionals operating in a technology-driven environment as we are today.

The MIT’s Tax Technology Committee works to bridge the gap between Tax and Tech, with a view to creating opportunities for discussion and learning.

The MIT TAX MEETS TECH TALKS are a series of sessions designed to bring an understanding of technology and technological innovation in industry as may be relevant to the tax professional.

The MIT Tax Meets Tech Talks 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

4 June 2024


09.00 – 12.00

The Hyatt Regency Malta, St. Julian’s

On the Agenda

AI – What tax practitioners need to know

Niklas Schmidt (Partner @ Wolf Theiss, Vienna) will explore the common questions around AI and will provide insights into AI as a tool for the tax professional

AI: A learning Machine

AI specialist and academic at the University of Malta, Dylan Seychell, will explain how AI works for a non-tech audience, also outlining what digital tools are currently applied by the tax administration and how these are expected to evolve in the future.

The use of AI in Tax Investigations

Manfred Barbara from the Malta Tax & Customs Administrations will address the status of the MTCA’s digital transformation strategy and the manner in which AI and digital tools are being and will be applied in tax investigations.

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion, with panelists: Manfred Barbara (MTCA), Gavril Flores (Malta Digital Innovation Authority) and Dylan Seychell (University of Malta).

The use of AI generated evidence produced in the courts of law – the process and the complexities

Dr Robert Attard will be discussing the issues around the admissibility of AI-generated evidence in the Courts of Law: for example, risks and issues around reliability and authenticity, and other concerns and queries that may arise for professionals.

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