Why join MIT?

If you want to give your firm technical and marketing advantage, membership in Malta’s premier taxation body will ensure that you are kept updated with latest local and international tax developments.

Who should join?

Our members are, first and foremost, professionals working primarily in the field of taxation either in public practice or industry.  Our membership includes also most of the tax department’s high level personnel, some of whom also serve as council members..

Do you qualify for membership?

Membership is only open to practitioners who can prove proficiency in their knowhow and practice of taxation.  Acceptance to membership is entrusted to our Membership Committee who ensures that the entry criteria as laid down in the Institute’s Statute are strictly adhered to.

What we do for our members?

Our primary mission is the diffusion of knowledge regarding tax issues amongst our members and the public generally.

This we do through:

  • Regular publication of books on tax issues
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Regular seminars
  • Diploma Course in Taxation
  • Foundation Course in Taxation

Although we are neither a union nor a lobby for tax practitioners, we take every opportunity we get to ensure that the highest authorities in Malta are made aware of improvements in legislation or in its application that we feel are necessary. In this respect we act as the collective voice for our members.

Whenever the opportunity arises, we also provide feedback on proposals being considered by the authorities in the taxation field, including proposed legislation.  When we feel it is appropriate, we also issue press releases to ensure that our views are heard and understood by the general public.

Can we help you internationally?

Our institute is the representative body for Malta on the Confederation Fiscale Europeen (CFE) which is the federation of all European taxation councils.  The primary aim of the CFE is the review and comment on European Tax proposals, legislation and ECJ decision.  Our presence on the CFE ensures that the views and aspirations of the Maltese tax practitioner are represented at the highest taxation forum in Europe.

What will membership do for you?

  • Indirect confirmation of your tax expertise – our members enjoy the highest level of respect with both local and international authorities.
  • Discounts on all our publication
  • Discounts on all seminars
  • Access to quarterly newsletter
  • Access to Members Only section of the Web Site containing a wealth of tax related articles.
  • Access to the CFE website register of European tax practitioners for the promotion of your services throughout Europe.

What will your membership do for MIT?

Through your membership you will become an integral part of an organization that is raising the understanding and practice of taxation in Malta.  Your membership will give strength to our representation with the authorities. It will also place you at the forefront of all the changes that you and your clients wish to see in the practice of taxation in Malta.

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