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The MIT Course on Taxation (leading to a Professional Award in Taxation), is an intensive tax course in 5 modules:

  • Fundamentals of Maltese Income Tax Law
  • Advanced Maltese Income Tax Law and Stamp Duty
  • EU Acquis impact on Maltese Tax Law
  • International Tax Law and Customs Duties
  • VAT.

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This postgraduate specialisation course is designed to provide a deeper insight into Malta’s system of taxation, both in a domestic as well as a cross-border context, and provides an excellent foundation for persons pursuing a career in tax.

Some features of the Course:

MIT Course on


The MIT Course on Tax Compliance offers an overview of fundamental principles of income tax, stamp duty and VAT and their application in practice, relevant for tax advisors, accounts clerks and finance teams. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of taxation required by all individuals who work in the field of tax, and addresses the principles as well as the practical issues (including documentary and filing obligations).

Topics Covered:

  • personal taxation (incl. Residence programmes)
  • taxation of employment income (incl. FSS)
  • the taxation and refund system
  • Capital Gains tax
  • stamp duty
  • principles of VAT

Some features of this course:

The MIT Course on Taxation and the MIT Course on Tax Compliance are approved courses under the Get Qualified Scheme. Students who successfully completed the full course may apply to recover up to 70% of eligible course costs in the form of a tax credit.

Interested in following only one or more modules but not the full course? Contact [email protected] for details.

The MIT Course on Taxation and the MIT Course on Tax Compliance are accredited by the NCFHE.