Membership in Malta’s leading body of tax professionals will ensure that you are kept updated with latest developments relevant to the sector, and will provide educational support for your practice and representation of your interests as tax practitioners.

Who should


Our members are tax advisers and lawyers and other tax professionals in private practice or industry, as well as public servants.

Do you qualify for


Membership is only open to individuals who can prove proficiency in tax matters, whether as generalists or in a specialised area of taxation.  The specific eligibility criteria are laid down in the Institute’s Statute.

Classes of Membership

What will


do for you?

  • Affirmation of your tax expertise
  • Discounts on all MIT events, courses and publications
  • Access to tax resources in the Members Only section of the website
  • Representation at CFE Tax Advisers Europe 
  • Access to the CFE register of European tax practitioners
  • Representation on the EU VAT Expert Group

Although it is not a lobby for tax practitioners, the Institute endeavours to act as a collective voice for its members in the making of submissions to legislators and the relevant authorities with a view to the continual improvement of the tax system and the administrative and practical aspects.

For further information on the MIT contact our office on [email protected]

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