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Amendment to Subsidiary Legislation issued under the DDTA

LN 68 of 2020, the Adaptation of Subsidiary Legislation (Duty on Documents and Transfers Act) Order, 2020, which was published on 17 March 2020, is a 3-part Legal Notice amending subsidiary legislation enacted in termsof the Duty on Documents and Transfers Act.

Part I: amendment to the Policies of Insurance (Compounding of Duty) Regulations (S.L. 346.02)

This amendment increases the penalty chargeable under the Regulations to €1,200.

Part II: amendment to the Duty on Documents and Transfers Rules(S.L.346.04)

The following amendments were introduced:

  • The introduction of a proviso to Rule 3 which provides that the ‘relevant date’ for the purposes of deterring the value of a transfer inter vivid for Duty purposes shall be the date of the Promise of Sale provided specified conditions are satisfied. This amendment is effective as of 15 October 2019. Read more
  • The deletion of all schedules to the Regulations which contain the specimen notices issued under the Act and the revision of those rules which referred to such schedules to now refer to the ‘forms or means as supplied by the Commissioner’.
  • Persons who are subject to duty in terms of the provisions of the Duty on Documents and Transfers Act are required to be registered with the Commissioner.
Part III: Repealing of certain Subsidiary Legislation

The following subsidiary legislation has been repealed:

  • Use of Franking Machines Regulations;
  • Duty on Cheque Forms Regulations;
  • Appeals (Board of Special Commissioners for Dutyon Documents and Transfers) Rules; and
  • Banking Credit Cards  (Compounding  of Duty)