Tax Credits for micro-enterprise & self-employed

LN 444 of 2020 has revised The Tax Credits for Micro-enterprise and the self-employed Regulations [S.L. 463.09]. The changes apply retroactively from 1 September 2020. They include the possibility for Malta Enterprise Corporation, in view of significant distortions in the economy caused by unforeseen events, to...

CFE Conference on Taxpayer Rights and Legal Certainty in the Digital Era

The CFE 13th European Conference on Tax Advisers’ Professional Affairs on the topic “Taxpayer Rights and Legal Certainty in the Digital Era” will take place ONLINE via Zoom on Monday 30 November 2020 from 3:30 to 5:00 CET. "The webinar conference will welcome tax experts and...

DAC6 XML Schema & User Guide

The Office of the CfR has announced that the DAC6 XML Schema to be used for filing information in relation to reportable cross-border arrangements and the DAC6 XML Schema user guide are now available. These are available at this link.   source:

Extension of corporate tax return e-filing deadline

The office of the CfR has announced that the electronic filing deadline for year of assessment 2020 tax returns in respect of companies having a 31 December 2019 accounting year-end is being further extended to 16 December 2020.   source:

CfR Guide on Dispute Resolution Mechanism Regulations

The Office of the CfR has published a guidance note which is intended to provide a general overview of the European Union Dispute Resolution Mechanisms Directive Implementation Regulations (SL 123.191).   source:

Proposed amendment to ITMA

The Budget Measures Implementation Bill (Bill 173 of 2020) has proposed an amendment to the Income Tax Management Act (CAP 372). A proposed new proviso to article 13(4), which provides a 5-year time limit within which to adjust a tax return resulting in a reduction in...

Assigned or delegated CfR services

The office of the CfR has notified that as from 1st November 2020 delegated or assigned CFR online services can only be accessed if authorised through CFR03 or CFR02.   source:  ...