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IFSP Virtual Conference 2021: Malta at the Crossroads

4 & 5 March 2021, 14:00 to 17:30

Malta’s financial services industry has been through a trying year, as indeed has the entire country. It is now time to take stock and look to the future.

The conference will also be spread over two afternoons. What remains constant is the conference sessions dealing with some of the most burning issues affecting the industry at the moment – at a time when the industry needs to assess the way the environment has changed, and more importantly the paths it may take into the future.

Day One starts at 14:00 on 4 March, with the IFSP President Dr Wayne Pisani setting the tone for the meeting before the Minster for Finance, the Hon Clyde Caruana looking at the ways in which the country is rising to the challenges of this time of transformation, before Stephen Attard leads a discussion on the evolving Malta Business Registry.

Also on Day One: a discussion on DAC6, and exchange of information in general, and a fitting closure with a look at MONEYVAL’s assessment of Malta and what comes afterwards.

Day two sees the Opposition Spokesperson for Finance, the Hon Marco De Marco give his assessment of Malta’s path forward, followed by a discussion on the MFSA’s new regulatory framework for CSPs. Following a short break, another of the challenging opportunities for the industry and, indeed, for society as a whole – sustainable finance – will be examined and discussed, followed by a much-needed discussion on corporate governance.

Day Two – and the 2021 conference – closes at 17:30 with a wide-ranging discussion on what lies ahead for taxation, in which some of Malta’s leading tax practitioners share their views on the direction tax policy will be taking, both in the immediate future and in the long term, given the challenges Malta faces in an increasingly interconnected and transparent world.

Conference brochures: 4th March 2021; 5th March 2021

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