Overview of recent legislative updates

The Office of the CfR has published an overview of the recent changes introduced with the following legal notices:

  • LN 40/2023 Group Deductions (Income Tax) (Amendment) Rules, 2023
  • LN 48/2023 Pensions (Tax Exemption) (Amendment) Rules, 2023
  • LN 49/2023 Tax Rebate (Pensioners) (Amendment) Rules, 2023
  • LN 62/2023 Donations (Community Chest Fund) (Amendment) Rules,2023
  • LN 70/2023 Tax Credit (Costs of Therapy provided to Children with Disability) Rules, 2023
  • LN 77/2023 Exemption from Tax on Certain Property Transfers (Amendment) Rules, 2023

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