Press Statement – Malta Institute of Taxation, December 2 2019

The Malta Institute of Taxation deplores the situation in which the country has been placed.

The Institute does not accept that, in a constitutional democracy founded on the rule of law, where grave concerns have arisen concerning the integrity of the Prime Minister, his ability to perform the functions of his office free from bias or conflict of interest, and any potential involvement in the protection of criminals, that the Prime Minister should remain in office rather than step aside so as to enable justice to be done as well as to be seen to be done.

For as long as the necessary action fails to be taken, the fundamental principles underpinning our constitution are vulnerable to abuse, posing significant risk to the entire nation. The world watches as the smallest EU Member State navigates these troubled waters. Failing to meet the minimum standard expected of a democracy within the EU will cause irreparable damage to the reputation and prospects of Malta and its people.

As the Malta Institution of Taxation, we are sensitive to the delicate balance between the legitimate interests of the state and the rights and liberties of private citizens. For this reason, the Institute is particularly concerned by all and any situations in which the rule of law is, or appears to have been, cast aside, and especially where the law is, or appears to be, used as an instrument for the perpetration of injustice. Our concern as an Institute extends to all dealings between the State and the people of Malta and cannot be restricted to instances concerning the imposition and collection of taxes alone.

Given the current situation, the Institute does not accept that things can proceed on a ‘business-as-usual’ basis. For this reason, it has been decided that the seminar scheduled to be held on Wednesday 4th December at 1600hrs at the Malta Stock Exchange is cancelled.

The Institute’s management feels that proceeding with the delivery of a lecture on tax developments at this time may only serve to assist those attempting to dismiss the gravity of the present situation.

The Malta Institute of Taxation reiterates the calls upon the Prime Minister to step aside with immediate effect and for another member of the present administration to assume responsibility for the functions of his office until the conclusion of the process for the appointment of our new Prime Minister.


Conrad Cassar Torregiani
President, Malta Institute of Taxation