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TA22 & TA24 for YA2020

As the 30 April submission deadline for the TA22 (payment of tax – part-time self-employed) and TA24 (payment of 15% tax on rental income) draws near, the Office of the CfR has issued a notice informing taxpayers that:

  1. Payments can only be made at Malta Post until 30/04/2020.
  2. Payments, including interest, can continue to be made online after 30/04/2020 on the CfR website (Interest will be calculated by the system when filling in details) Click here to access to online forms: TA22, TA24 .
  3. Payments by cheque (payable to CfR) which are sent to the office of the CfR after 30/04/2020 will only be accepted if they include the interest incurred.  Any cheques received after that date not including interest will be returned to taxpayers to adjust amounts of cheque to include interest.
  4. For assistance in calculating the amount of interest incurred, call 153.